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The Ridgeline Fish house is designed with the True fisherman in mind.  Ridgeline has developed truly the highest quality, lightest, easiest, problem free, all Aluminum Fish House that the market has ever seen.  So simple and lightweight that Ridgeline houses are finding as much off-season work during the summer months as the winter months.  Ridgeline Fish houses are often utilized for Storage units/hunting shack/ATV trailer/Motorcycle Rally Trailer/Move the kid to college trailer, and let your imagination go wild, because after you tow and use your Ridgeline Fish House you will look for excuses to hook up and GO and TREAD LIGHTLY FISH HARD!!!





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  • I wanted a well built, lite weight fishhouse that is easy for an old fishing guide to move by himself. I found this and other great features in my Ridgeline Fishhouse.

    Marv Koep - Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

  • I love my Ridgeline fish house! Its so light that I have no problem moving it around by myself. The winch-free up-down system requires no maintenance, and the house goes up and down in about a minute!

    Jake R. MN

  • This is by far the lightest and easiest fish house set up I have ever seen.

    Kevin C. WI

  • They kept this fish house simple and just did it right. From the high quality design, down to the removable axles.

    Karl L. MN

  • This fish house is so light I have been able to go fishing weeks earlier than I could with my old fish house.

    Brad P. MN

  • All I can say is wow, this thing is easy to use and so light.

    Dave T. MN

  • This fish house is perfect, I can haul my atv inside it to the lake. When I get there I take my atv out of it and then pull the fish house out on the ice with my atv.

    John B. ND

  • On the coldest days my fish house stays warm. This thing is insulated so well, I can get it to the temp I want and then shut my heater off for hours at a time.

    Tim S. ND

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